I Am A Girl

If there was one thing I could wish for this world and it would happen, it would be equality. Not just of the races but equality in its truest sense. Every single living thing would have enough. Enough to live happily, peacefully and safely. The wealth of the world would be distributed equally; we would all strive for peace, fulfilment and happiness. We would work to keep each other alive. And we would create to keep ourselves and each other happy. We would embrace the true essence of community and love.

Girls would marry when they wanted to. And they would marry whomever they wanted to. There would be no expectations, more a surety that everyone is self-determined and accepted for who they are. Conflicts would be resolved peacefully; ego would always take a back seat as we strive to embrace each present moment. And the opportunities and beauty that each moment carries within it.

Families would exist but with the strong awareness that family is not restricted by blood. All life, every species, would co-exist on the planet, interconnected and functioning as one entity. Mothers would not sell their daughters’ virginity to buy food and then blackmail them emotionally; breaking their spirit and their dreams with every word, every condemnation that they were not enough.

Wives would be respected by their husbands; the only duty being owed, reciprocated by the husband. Love, respect, harmony. These words and the inherent actions they suggest would form the foundation of every union. And every living thing could unite with whomever they chose; respecting the other as they would expect themselves to be respected. There would be no misguided judgement; liberty for all to be whomever they truly are. We would be blessed by the authenticity of each other and learn from one another accordingly.

There would be no violence, no greed, no hate, no jealousy, no rivalry. No dictatorship, fascism, capitalism, false promises. There would be no poverty, no injustice, no criminality. No rape of the body, the mind, the soul of another. There would be no chemicals, no temptation to consume more than what the earth provided, no need for anything outside of ourselves and our community. No fear, no nightmares, no abuse, no scandal, no reprisal. There would be no cages, not for bodies, minds, souls, other species.

However, there would be peace, prosperity, happiness, authenticity and love.

There would be enough.

For everyone.

And every thing.

6 thoughts on “I Am A Girl

  1. Just finished teaching this doco to year 9. Wonderful response from a mixed ability, mixed bag class of 31 rural, low ses kids. Great post Tina.


    • Thanks Jowen. I love it but it stirs such mixed emotions in me. I haven’t taught it yet but I will. It is very engaging. I’m glad your kids liked it. I’d be curious at more on their responses… Just sayin’ hehe x


  2. Amazing heartfelt responses….what some lacked in structure they made up for in love. Mostly boys were infuriated ” fuck he treats her like scum”. In writing they said ” the high camera angle shows us how insignificant Kimsey is in her world”. Etc. I will email you some. Terrible literacy but huge leaps in emotional literacy


      • I am so pleased that they engaged, that they saw injustice, that the recognised horrible treatment of women, the powerlessness and the juxtaposition between first world problems ( Katie and breani) and the other girls. It was hardest for them to accept the validity of the first world problems though- that all experiences are valid. They still don’t get that. They did learn though that there is a whole world out there much bigger than Taree. I am proud that these boys care about women. I am proud that they were so angry and tearful. Hopefully by making them think about these things now they will take what they have learned and carry it into their relationships and their lives.


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