Writing for Competition

I love writing. I think I have established that. However, I do not make enough time to write in the rigmarole of chaos that is my life. A few weekends ago I was trawling writing competitions and I decided to craft a poem. Thirty minutes inclusive of editing. Not a bad piece.



There you are –



Smiling, I hope.

Blue expanse enfolds you

if I dare to squint my eyes against the sun.

A halo

emanates broadly;

curls rustling bravely.



Legs entwine

as sheets beckon for the floor

whilst draping

those parts

that gyrate and move:

faces moaning with

eyes closed

as fists reach across your back.

We come.



Tongues slash

the heart, what was.

Fists curl

and uncurl as torrents change.

The beast unleashed,

needing this destruction

prior to the dawn.

Slammed doors, screeching tyres, scuttling gravel.

Head held in hands as he waits for that soft returning click.



Vanquished pain forgotten,

drowned by the reality of you.

Quivering lips as I reach

to gently rest them on your

unclean, tiny forehead.


as I hold your warmth

and your glazed eyes search mine.

I cry.



There you are –

Both of you.

His hand in yours

as you search the seas.

Undulating waves; our lives.

Changing currents

as we move forward


just three.


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